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  1. Men's Hairstyles

The first thing a person notices a dress shirt is the color. In a room full of suits, the choice of color of the shirt or the help you stand out or blend, the key here is what ar your intentions and do not know how to mix and match your clothes to fill. The only way is to acquire mastery in understanding 1) what are the colors that complement and 2) how to structure the same color in their environment. The purpose of this clause is to help you begin to understand them.

The role of the color of your skin, hair and eye

The man's skin, hair color and eye color pictures of RA should be used to choose the color of the fabric that covers her body. Unfortunately, most men of color to make the decision based on what they have been previously worn, what colors are available in the emergency, and the changing winds of fashion. The result is what we see today, the sea of ​​solid white shirt and blue. The two most important factors in the selection of shirt colors are your skin tone and hair color. The eye color is a factor in wild cards, and if the color of the eyes in sharp contrast to human skin color and hair color, can be made in colors that would otherwise have to congratulate the individual. And 'the relationship of these three factors that determine which category Contrast Contrast a waterfall in a man, whether high, low or medium

Men High contrast

In short, these men with hair color contrast is strong ar to your skin, black hair with white skin is a perfect example. For men with high contrast, the key to looking good is being able to mimic the color difference in their clothing with the contrast of your area of ​​the face. A navy suit with white shirt and gray suit with an ice blue shirt are two combinations that welcomes people with high contrast. In general, light colored shirts with dark suits and dark ties / vibrant with light colored suits. Dark shirts with light suits can be achieved, but it takes skill to shoot. Men always high contrast Ar complemented by strong ties that arise from the shirt.

Men with low contrast

As its name suggests, these scars men with a discreet appearance. Blond hair and light skin are the most common variant, but men with red hair, bald men and men with little hair also falls into this category. The strengths of these men work the exact opposite of revenge, the men above. Men should seek low-contrast monochromatic look, like a garment will contrast well control their tone deaf. Remember that the purpose of frames (clothing) is to highlight the picture (your face). Generally, low contrast men fair well with dark blues and earth tones shirts combined with dark suits. When wearing light gray suit and brown, with low contrast gentlemen need to stay with light colored shirts and earth tones, white is allowed Hera, whose color is light enough to avoid a sharp contrast. Be careful with your choice of tie, whose neck-wear stands out too much, he can draw attention away from your face to your chest and stomach.

The men of average contrast

If not in one of two extremes, it is likely to enter this group. Brown-skinned men with dark hair are ordinary members, the fair-skinned men with gray hair and white. With a wide selection of tones and colors of facial hair, it is difficult to provide specific guidance for that category. I will say is that most men are not exactly in the middle, but leaning towards either high or low contrast. The aforementioned men hairy dark brown skin, lean toward the high contrast and can not only use color combinations that man, but they can get away with some subtle monochromatic combinations. Same with white skin gentlemen with gray hair. Is more similar to the person of low contrast, and would do well to follow the rules established for that man. However, helium can easily get a contrasting, especially if your eyes or any other characteristic of the composition chosen color compliment.

The role of the Seasons

Note that even if your natural color AR dominant factors to determine what color clothes you have, they are not the only things you should be aware of. A dandy also gives attention to the seasons, taking into account the effect of the colors around him were all the helium has put together. The dark suits and dark colored shirt, you may decide to wear looks great on you, but to a wedding in the summer, you'll end up not only hot under the collar, but sticks out like a sore thumb. Let's take a quick look at the seasons and the shades of color, they are based.


The season of rebirth, this is where we roses, lavender, and lighter shades of blue. Lighter weight dust scar tissue from their winter sleep, and a man would speak well of him wearing multi-colored checks and stripes which compliment.


A time when bright, bold colors dominate the scene. Gold striped shirts, red squares, and of course a wide range of blue fabrics and models to grace the wardrobe of well-dressed man. 100% cotton, linen and silk are drugs of choice because of their qualities match.


Earth tones and heavier fabrics are beginning to appear. Clothes tend to have a dark side to the arrival time of the tank, the tank and now with the acquisition time is a perfect time to mix. Its heat retention qualities is good on a cold night you run out of a coat.


Dark colors and heavy fabrics such as gloves are emerging. You can make your wardrobe a bit with a rose or corn in Oxford, but winter is the season you want to get your drug money designed to keep you warm. Forest green and brown tones AR stable during this season.

It 'important to remember that trust is important for the appearance of good looks. When people are looking for you would-TAD astatine than usual, you must have faith in life, we know that is because it looks good (as opposed to want so bad!). We recommend you have the courage to feel, and that the information to choose the best colors for you as an individual.

In short, men dye can enjoy the best of both worlds, but be careful when they venture too far in one direction.
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