How Often Do You Wash Your Face?

How Often Do You Wash Your Face?

This morning I was poking around one of my favorite pieces of photography sites (Garance Doré Still, charm) and then under "Water". As such, it pays a visit to a dermatologist long list of questions and problems skin care and get away with only one amazing piece of advice:

"Your skin is very good 'only exhausted the only thing you need is: .. Stop with water."

I almost started crying. I have been told for years that water is not good for my skin (it is a good skin anyone?) But resist. I am a rebel. I was responsible for the clean water, and something that a lot of foam. I knew that one day the turn of the century, I, I would pay for my stupidity, but not the other way, Pete Doherty, I preferred to leave the advice of people who take care of me.

I was always chooses the dark side of force and that is to say, wate

I heard this before and I think that is certainly something in French, but it made me think. How to keep your face to get wet in the shower? And if you do not use water, but you wear makeup, then whaaaa? Use a cream cleanser and wipe with cotton? Would you leave residues would then have a toner cartridge or something down? It seems a lot of work for me! And it seems to need more products, at least, that is not consistent with my philosophy is plus or minus. Perhaps Garance skin is exhausted from the foaming cleanser you use? Who knows? My suspicion has always been that water is a minor problem is what you use so you can make your skin sad.

We talked about being dirty here before. Even with the rope in a challenge to all of you soap in our opinion, a pretty big success! However, we are free to wash your hair, face and armpits / soldiers, because, well, that seemed the right thing.

There was a time (years, actually) because I do not feel clean unless I wash my face three times a day, and wiping with alcohol-laced toners. Now I know better, and what works best for me is that if I wash my face at night to get my makeup, sunscreen and dirt from the dirty city, I live But I do wash it next morning, I Use a clean tissue and wipe with ... of water. At night I use Tata Harpers refreshing cleanser.

What is your? Wash your face twice a day, and if so, why? And you never put in water?
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