How To Select Face Makeup

Asia is a porcelain skin tone and assorted shades of yellow, so the foundation can be a real challenge. The powder is particularly important to adjust the make-up and provide a perfect finish, blush can help add contour and dimension to your face.

Things you need:

* Red

* Blush Brush

* Eye

* Shadow Brush

* Eyeliner

* Powder

Lip Gloss *

Lipliner *

* Lipstick

* Liquid eyeliner

* Mascara

* Oil-free Foundation

* Waterproof Mascaras


Head to your local store to test the foundation, even if you do not think you want to buy there. If you have a porcelain skin, you can try a shade with a slightly pink cast, everyone should stick with the yellow tinted formulas.


Proof of the Foundation in the inside of your wrist, or a beauty consultant to apply to a free distribution of the jaw. You want a color that seems to disappear while matching skin tone and camouflages imperfections.


Use concealer to hide dark circles and imperfections. Consider shades of green to help neutralize redness and a yellow, slightly tinged his foundation, under the eye.

Step 4

Choose a powder color that matches your skin tone. For most of the complexion of Asia, it means a beautiful yellow color, very pale, you can do better with a translucent or light beige with a pink cast.

Step 5

Add to contour your face with a touch of blush. Look for pale shades of bronze, pink or soft subtle apricot.


* Remember that the base will look darker in the bottle than it does on your skin.

* Choose the formulas that work in harmony with your skin type. Dry skin will benefit from a creamy base, skin and fat attached to a base water-based liquid, oil-free powder.

* Leave the Foundation if you are blessed with flawless skin - Use a moisturizing cream colored instead. Find the colors that blend into the skin, rather than sit on it.

* Dark Bronzer may seem bad, unless your skin has a glow of sun or self-tanner has been applied.

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