Mii Minerals Cosmetics Face Base SPF25 Irresistible

I recently met a brand new show: Cosmetics Mii, they perform a wide range of amazing products. The same range is divided into two sections: Mineral and ... no minerals. The range of minerals packed in black boxes clearly distinguished from others to find placed in a blank package.

From the bits I had the chance to play with, especially basics of itself as something special, I can see one of them to be somewhat of a complete product to do it's not like everything I have encountered in the past.

I'll tell you more about it later in the week ... I know I'm teasing ... sorry.

I'll start right up, mineral foundation with no mess: Irresistible Face Base (£ 21), a mineral powder foundation with a lose screen. It is available in seven colors and of course I show you 01 valuable china.

For 01, it is actually a bit dark. It suits me quite well, but if you are paler than you might NW15 struggle with that. I swatched with my foundation Bare Minerals at the show and it was a good darker. I think Bare Minerals is a little too easy for me during the summer months, so selfish ... I like it.

Swatch largely hand, seems a little hot, but for me it is quite neutral, once you remove the rose through myself. You should be able to carry out the brightness in the color chart ... less bright than my bare minerals, but a little glowy. He also feels that more finely ground minerals discovered, and I must admit I was surprised.

That said, it offers less coverage. Personal preference, but I do not have enough skin to be sure to use only on bare skin. However, combined with one of the other Mii cosmetic bases (one I'll be showing later this week!), But torque delivered flawless dewy, natural-looking skin. My favorite genre.

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