How To Make Your Lips Here And Choose Your Lipstick

The dream of many women is that you can display a luscious, full lips, so for this reason, many are turning to cosmetic surgery, too, Nela hoping to capture the charm of this dream, but unfortunately not always optimal results. Even those who do not conform to the real action, however, to try to correct the imbalances and imperfections with makeup and makeup, as seen in the thin lips plumping lipstick and pencil right.

Perhaps, however, confirms that we women are always too self-critical, even those who are full lips, often do not seem to feel the same trick or surgery to solve the problem. That's why we decided to teach some steps to help enhance your lips, making them more harmonious and less the main characters around the face.

First you need to focus on the eyes that little trick will help you make it look deep and magnetic fields to form a more sharply. Up to half darker skin redness will be perfect to highlight cheekbones, but be careful to mix well with a brush is not excessive, because the detachment.

Consider now the lip makeup that can help make the labia minora and proportionate. First we must avoid flashy lip gloss and lipstick, which helps to emphasize that, with his mouth first. So you have to give up lipgloss and lipstick with glitter and diamond rings, especially the nuances that are pink to bright red to pink.

Instead, they prefer the shade of matte lipstick and lip marchino natural. However, it may not be enough, and then you have to take the plunge, with some modifications. The first implementation, including the lips, especially in general terms, the basis of the same color used for the face, in order to dilute the effect volume.

Then with a pencil two shades darker than the lipstick you want, try to redraw the contours of the mouth with the tip pointing inward. This beauty makeup can help you lose more than two or three millimeters, and we advise you not to overdo it, otherwise the effect will be very difficult.

Now a suitable brush, soften the pencil at the center of the mouth and then apply lipstick. In practice, the mirror to practice these simple steps and a little 'patience, can give you the smile you've always wanted!

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