Hair Beauty Tips

Whether to use when cutting a hair clipper which is easy. But here, there are some properties that differ from the hair cut with scissors classic, and you should be aware of to obtain the desired results.

First of all, it is important

hat hair is always dry when cut with clippers. Wet or damp hair will simply clog the cutting blades and cutting machine makes your hair and then sooner or later broken. In addition, wet hair is more difficult than cleaning the unit properly. In addition, moisture in the head of hair with water in inaccessible areas of the machine to cut hair, which may possibly penetrate the blade to rust.


to ensure that you receive at the end really want a second haircut, make sure that you cut in the opposite direction of hair growth. This means that it is important that the hair cutting machine, otherwise the structure of the course is set hairline. You can be sure that all hair evenly, depending on the length of the set, or will soon be cut. Protect your hair structure during the cutting stroke, of course, you must always come home to roost above. Then step by step, the sections of hair, hair cutting machine. surgery

Thirdly, you should try not to overload the Clippers the various stages, ie the cut is not too much hair at once. This is especially important if it is very thin and fine hair. Fine hair tends to bend easily when the blades encounter resistance. Sad result could be that they are far from satisfied with the final effects of the surgery. If this is a fine hair should be cut to ensure that the eighth individual sections of hair are cut more than half the size of the blades for the same machine, this method is also useful if you notice, when the cutting blades are clogged with hair.

Finally, if you feel insecure and anxious, do not cut the hair of the exercise machine to test a living object, contact your local beauty school. You may have regarding the purchase of mannequins information, you can buy directly from the school or students. Like most conventional approach of schools to cut their hair and cosmetic techniques that can quickly shave the hair mannequins to practice too short for the student. Fortunately for you, your needs, and learn the cutting machine to cut the hair is sufficient, the length of the hair completely. Barber schools are insufficient to have mannequins used for learning. Due to the fact that there are also learned to cut hair with clippers is the hair of the models often abbreviated as the scalp and therefore is totally inappropriate for you.

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